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As an award winning company it is our aim to bring to you the best in expert-led guided tourism packages.

We have brought together expert tour guides, heritage tourism practitioners, and leading historians and archaeologist to provide you with a unique selection of the very best expert-led tours of the magical landscape of Sherwood Forest and its surroundings.

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Larger Group / Corporate Travel Tours

(eg. parties of over 20 persons)
For international, national and local travel parties - bus tours, coach parties, walking tour parties and more…

Exploring the history, heritage and culture of Sherwood Forest and its surroundings.  
A Landscape of Legends…

Sherwood Forest  -  Nottingham -  Historic Lincoln  -  Robin Hood  -  Archaeology  -  Magna Carta  -  The Mayflower Pilgrims

The Robin Hood Express Archaeology an History Bus Tours at Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre Wander in the woods of Sherwood Forest Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Historic Lincoln Tours Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Historic Lincoln Tours

One Day Tour:

The Robin Hood Express Sherwood Forest Archaeology and History Tour

Join expert Archaeologists and Historians aboard a vintage 1960s London Bus on a tour of legendary Sherwood Forest

Two Day Tour:

The Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest

Nottingham and Sherwood Forest

Get double the adventure on this two-day tour, which combines the Robin Hood Town Tour and further exploration of the legend with expert guides, Cultural Heritage Tours.

Take in the modern culture and impressive history of Nottingham on day one before you are guided through the landscapes of the Sherwood Forest area, including a visit to Robin’s legendary hideaway, on day two.

Three Day Tour:  

Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and Magna Carta Tour

Nottingham, Sherwood Forest and Historic Lincoln.

Why not extend your Robin Hood experience into a third day to discover historic Lincoln and its connections with the legend? Admire the breath-taking architecture, stained glass and history of Lincoln Cathedral towering high above the city.

After lunch, explore Lincoln’s ancient castle, which houses original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta and 1217 Charter of the Forest. Climb the battlements for the medieval wall walk or descend into the depths of the Victorian prison.

After arriving by your coach or aboard Cultural Heritage Tours’ red London bus, your host will guide you through the cobbled streets of historic Lincoln. Famous for its breath-taking Cathedral, being the home of an original Magna Carta and of course Lincoln Green – Robin Hood’s outfit of choice!

Half Day / One Day Tour - Sherwood Forest History Walks

Sherwood Forest Group History Walks- Private Walking Tours of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve

Walking Tours of Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.

Discover the history beneath the trees. Walking tours with expert Archaeologists.
Leave the crowds behind to explore the hidden history and stories of the beautiful
Sherwood Forest Landscape of Legends.

Other private guided tour options, including small-group and longer tours, over a number of days, or combining other destinations such as Nottingham can be arranged on request.

Half Day / One Day Tour - Sherwood Forest: on-board your coach.

Guides for coach tours

Enjoy a tour of the wider Sherwood Forest onboard your own coach with expert archaeologists

The tour can be tailored to your needs but can include visits to Rufford Abbey (ruins of a Cistercian monastery), the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve (including the Major Oak, legendary hideaway of Robin Hood), the ruins of King John’s Palace, and Newstead Abbey (former monastery and home of the poet Lord Byron). Tours will also include commentary on the landscape including stories about Saxon battles, Viking Meeting Sites, ancient Maypoles and sites relating to the stories and characters from the Robin Hood legends

Guides for your Coach Tour 1/2 Day Tours - Sherwood Forest Explorer Private Guided Walking Tours 3 Day Tours - "Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and Magna Carta" 2 Day Tours - 'The Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest' 1 Day Tour - 'Robin Hood Express' Sherwood History Red Bus Tours Cultural Heritage Tourism

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