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Steep Hill Lincoln

Let expert historians and archaeologists guide you through the beautiful timber-framed buildings and cobbled streets of Historic Lincoln.

In the morning visit hidden Roman ruins, and admire the breath-taking architecture, stained glass and history of Lincoln Cathedral towering high above the city.

After lunch, explore Lincoln’s ancient castle, which houses original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta and 1217 Charter of the Forest.

Climb the battlements of the medieval wall walk or descend into the depths of the Victorian prison.

Roman Lincoln

On an hour-long tour of Lincoln’s old quarter, your tour guide will expose the fascinating history of this ancient city, told through easy-to-miss Roman relics and hidden medieval gems which are still visible today. Discover how the picturesque city has developed over millennia, hear stories of the ancient settlers who claimed the land, and learn how the city has evolved and adapted over 2,000 years. The tour finishes with insights into the breath-taking architecture of Lincoln Cathedral,  and a visit to the statue of poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Victorian poet laureate… revealing more secrets of the city’s history.

Lincoln Cathedral

You will be met by a resident guide at the Cathedral’s main entrance, who will escort you around the key features of this magnificent 13th century English Gothic building.

Used in the 2006 movie, The Da Vinci Code, for scenes of Westminster Abbey, the atmospheric cloisters are also reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and will spark the imagination of children and bookworms alike.

Hear the legend of the Lincoln Imp, admire the extensive stained-glass windows, find fossils in the stonework, and pre-book to see an original ‘Robin Hood poem’ in the Cathedral’s library (by appointment only – speak to Cultural Heritage Tours for more information). A short tour of the roof and tower can also be arranged in advance.

Take some time for lunch in one of Lincoln’s restaurants, pubs or tea rooms before your afternoon visit to Lincoln Castle..

Lincoln Castle

Just a few minutes’ walk-away, you’ll step through the impressive gatehouse of Lincoln Castle. Cultural Heritage Tours will guide you deep into the vaults in which the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest are housed, explaining the immense significance of these 800-year old texts and how the legend of Robin Hood came to be.

You will then have free time to take in the extraordinary views over the city along the Castle’s brilliantly preserved medieval wall walk, explore the Victorian prison cells, or learn more about the bloody battles and history of the Castle.

On a clear day it is said you can even see Sherwood Forest from the top of the walls!

After arriving by your coach or aboard Cultural Heritage Tours’ red London bus, your host will guide you through the cobbled streets of historic Lincoln. Famous for its breath-taking Cathedral, being the home of an original Magna Carta and of course Lincoln Green – Robin Hood’s outfit of choice!

Enjoy an hour of free time at the end of your tour taking in Lincoln’s array of independent boutiques and shops on the award-winning Steep Hill.

Lincoln Cathedral

Day 3: Historic Lincoln and Magna Carta Tour

The Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest Tours both invite visitors to join award-winning character-led guide - Ezekial Bone

Ezekial Bone presents in the guise of Robin Hood, explaining the history of the legend and exploring historic Nottingham before passing over to expert guides, Cultural Heritage Tours, for an onward adventure to explore the historic landscapes of Sherwood Forest.

Join the charismatic Ezekial Bone as he presents an award-winning tour in the guise of Robin Hood. With unrivalled knowledge and gripping storytelling, this two-hour tour takes in the modern and historical sites of this dynamic city. Hear the tale of Robin Hood come to life and learn about numerous significant events in British history that took place in Nottingham.

The two-hour tour ends under the impressive cliff on which Nottingham Castle sits, where the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub has stood for an incredible 800 years. Carved into the rock face, this is reputedly England’s oldest pub and features cosy corners and numerous bar lounges. Stay to enjoy a traditional pub lunch if desired, take in the many curious antiques and historical artefacts in the pub, or book onto a short tour of the caves and beer cellars below.

Stay to enjoy a traditional pub lunch in the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub if desired, take in the many curious antiques and historical artefacts in the pub, or book onto a short tour of the caves and beer cellars below.

The rest of the day can be spent exploring the city and taking in some of the key points of interest mentioned on the tour.

Your guide for day 1 is the multi-award winning Ezekial Bone aka Robin Hood…

Legendary tales for a modern-day adventure!

Get triple the adventure on this three-day tour, which combines the Robin Hood Town Tour and further exploration of the legend with expert guides, Cultural Heritage Tours.

Take in the modern culture and impressive history of Nottingham on day one before you are guided through the landscapes of the Sherwood Forest area, including a visit to Robin’s legendary hideaway, on day two. Then extend your Robin Hood experience into a third day to discover historic Lincoln and its connections with the legend, including seeing an original copy of the Magna Carta!

Your guides at Cultural Heritage Tours will meet you at the Nottingham Playhouse. Throughout the day these expert guides will use their extensive knowledge to paint a picture of the Robin Hood legend as they take you to Sherwood Forest and other pivotal historic sites throughout Nottinghamshire.

Rufford Abbey

After a quick tour around Nottingham the tour moves out through the landscape of Sherwood Forest n to Rufford Abbey.

This former 12 century Cistercian Monastery and country house features shops,  gardens, a lake and a children’s play area, along with beautiful ruins to explore.

A light lunch can be had in one of Rufford’s various cafés and tea rooms, or in Sherwood Forest, which will be the next stop.

Sherwood Forest

Discover more about Robin Hood’s legend and the conservation of this world famous forest in the new state-of-the-art visitor centre. A short walk can be taken through the ancient woodland to see the 800-year-old Major Oak, a reputed hideout for Robin and the Merry Men and one of England’s most treasured trees.

King John’s Palace

The next stop is the archaeological site of King John’s Palace to see the remains f a former medieval royal residence and the royal heart of Sherwood Forest. Learn how  the history of this site has been rediscovered through ongoing archaeological digs, along with its importance within the Robin Hood legend.

Newstead Abbey

The final stop for the day is Newstead Abbey, which was once home to the notorious 19th century poet Lord Byron. Roam picturesque gardens dotted with wild peacocks and take in the majestic ruins of this beautiful estate. Entry to the Abbey is not included, but arrangements can easily be made if you decide to explore further.

You will be dropped off in the city centre at the end of the day and be free to enjoy a leisurely evening of Nottingham’s great dining, nightlife and culture if you are staying over (other drop-off and pick- ups can be arranged.

Nottinghamshire Hospitality Award Winners 2018

Nottinghamshire Star Awards International Travel Trade
Award Winners 2018.

Day 1: Robin Hood and Nottingham

Day 2: Sherwood Forest History Tour

Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and Magna Carta’ Three Day Tours

Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and Magna Carta
Three Day Group Tours (eg. parties of over 20 persons)

Joining the city of Nottingham, Sherwood Forest, and Historic Lincoln
 to tell the tale of Robin Hood, alongside the story of Magna Carta and the origins of modern democracy,

All the main sites of interest linked with the Robin Hood legend and Sherwood Forest,
combined with the wonder of Lincoln Cathedral and Castle and a visit to see the Magna Carta.

Robin Hood  -  Nottingham  -  Sherwood Forest  -  Historic Lincoln  -  Magna Carta  -  History & Archaeology

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

About your tour guides:

Your expert tour guides will be from Mercian Archaeological Services CIC.

Mercian are a professional archaeology company who specialists in Community Archaeology, Public Involvement, Research & Training, and are based in Sherwood Forest.

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC run the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project a long-term research project in the heart of the world famous Forest.

Experienced tourist guides and heritage tourism practitioners they are the leading experts on the archaeology and history of Sherwood Forest and are renowned for their unrivalled knowledge of the landscape, history, archaeology and heritage of the Sherwood Forest landscape.

As part of the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project Mercian are leading the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve Archaeology Survey and as such know the archaeology of the ancient forest better than anyone.

Mercian regularly talk and present on archaeology to groups and at conferences, and are passionate about teaching and education.

They have made a number of TV appearances as experts on Sherwood Forest, including in the UK on the BBC, Channel Four (Walking Through History, and site consultancy for Time Team), and Channel Five (Secrets Beneath Britain), as well as internationally including for ARTE (France & Germany), They have been interviewed a number of times on BBC Radio 4 including the ‘Making History’ show, and provided consultancy for BBC Radio 3. They have also been interviewed in magazines and for newspapers including in the United States, and UK.

 ‘The Legends of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest Tour

Cultural Heritage Ltd., and Ezekial Bone.

Winners of the International Travel Trade Award 2018, Nottinghamshire Star Awards 2018.

The Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest Tour is available in a number of packages at varying prices including:

On-board the Robin Hood Express Red Routemaster 1960s London Bus,

On-board your own coach,

Or, with Luxury coach hire included.

For more information about the tour, and to request booking information and prices please email at:


Cultural Heritage Tourism

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