As part of the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project Mercian are leading the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve Archaeology Survey and as such know the archaeology of the ancient forest better than anyone.

Mercian regularly talk and present on archaeology to groups and at conferences, and are passionate about teaching and education.

They have made a number of TV appearances as experts on Sherwood Forest, including in the UK on the BBC, Channel Four (Walking Through History, and site consultancy for Time Team), and Channel Five (Secrets Beneath Britain), as well as internationally including for ARTE (France & Germany), They have been interviewed a number of times on BBC Radio 4 including the ‘Making History’ show, and provided consultancy for BBC Radio 3. They have also been interviewed in magazines and for newspapers including in the United States, and UK.

Expert-led tours for coach parties
One Day Group Tour

We can provide expert -led guided tours for your coach party, with planned routes to the best destinations in and around Sherwood Forest

 Telling the real story of the landscape of Legends…

Nottingham  -  Rufford Abbey  -  Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve  -  King John’s Palace  –  Newstead Abbey

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Guided tours of the Sherwood Forest landscape.

Rufford Abbey The Major Oak, legendary hideaway of Robin Hood Newstead Abbey The ruins of King John's Palace

If your group is visiting Nottingham or the Sherwood Forest area, then why not enjoy a full day tour around the landscape of Sherwood Forest with expert historical tour guides on-board you coach.

We can provide the leading expert from the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project; Andy Gaunt, who will provide fascinating commentary on-board your coach as you travel through the legendary landscape of Robin Hood, passing though villages and visiting the key sites in the Forest.

Suggested itineraries could include:

Tours will pass through villages with links to Robin Hood, and will also include stories relating to archaeological mysteries regarding Saxon battles and the death of a Saint-King, ancient Ice-Age rock-art art,  Viking assembly site in the heart of the Forest, the harsh Forest laws, outlaws, kings, foresters, veteran oak trees, and of course Robin Hood and the development of the legends….

*The above is just an example itinerary, all tours can be tailored to your needs.

Please contact for details.

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

About your tour guides:

Your expert tour guides will be from Mercian Archaeological Services CIC.

Mercian are a professional archaeology company who specialists in Community Archaeology, Public Involvement, Research & Training, and are based in Sherwood Forest.

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC run the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project a long-term research project in the heart of the world famous Forest.

Experienced tourist guides and heritage tourism practitioners they are the leading experts on the archaeology and history of Sherwood Forest and are renowned for their unrivalled knowledge of the landscape, history, archaeology and heritage of the Sherwood Forest landscape.

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