Guided tours of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and Major Oak

Get off the beaten track and explore the ancients trees and heathland of Robin Hood’s world famous Forest, with expert guides…

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Robin Hood and the Monk:

In summer when the shaws be sheen
And the leaves be large and long,
It is full merry in fair Forest
To hear the fowles song,
To see the deer draw to the dale,
And leave the hilles hee,
And shadow them in the leaves green
Under the Greenwood tree…

This introduction to the medieval ballad ‘Robin Hood and the Monk’ describes the medieval Forest home of our legendary outlaw hero in Sherwood Forest.

The poem is the oldest surviving ballad that describes the adventures of Robin Hood, dating to the early 15th century.

The Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve is the home of Robin Hood.

The Major oak, a 1,000 year old English Oak tree, is his legendary hideaway.

The Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve is made up of 375 hectares of ancient woodland and heathland.

The nature reserve is home to hundreds of veteran oak trees, and is visited by over 350,000 people a year.

Leave the crowds behind and explore…

Come and join us on a walking tour of around the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve with Cultural Heritage’s very own expert tour guide, archaeologist and historian Andy Gaunt, and leave the crowds behind to explore the hidden history and stories of this beautiful forest.

As you wander through ancient oak trees…..

On this fun and educational tour Andy will teach you all about the history of Sherwood Forest including, tales of medieval outlaws, Kings, hunting, Foresters and everyday life in the time of Robin Hood.

He will also tell you about the ballads and legends of Robin Hood and their links to the landscape.

The tour not only visits many archaeological features in the woods but also discusses the ecology both current and historic of this magical landscape,

It also covers subjects ranging from culture and anthropology to ethno-botany and ancient bushcraft.

Medieval heathland in Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve

All set against the backdrop of the ancient oaks of the Forest, and the wonderful heather-clad heath-land that make up this
Landscape of Legends…

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

About your tour guides:

Your expert tour guides will be from Mercian Archaeological Services CIC.

Mercian are a professional archaeology company who specialists in Community Archaeology, Public Involvement, Research & Training, and are based in Sherwood Forest.

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC run the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project a long-term research project in the heart of the world famous Forest.

Experienced tourist guides and heritage tourism practitioners they are the leading experts on the archaeology and history of Sherwood Forest and are renowned for their unrivalled knowledge of the landscape, history, archaeology and heritage of the Sherwood Forest landscape.

As part of the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project Mercian are leading the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve Archaeology Survey and as such know the archaeology of the ancient forest better than anyone.

Mercian regularly talk and present on archaeology to groups and at conferences, and are passionate about teaching and education.

They have made a number of TV appearances as experts on Sherwood Forest, including in the UK on the BBC, Channel Four (Walking Through History, and site consultancy for Time Team), and Channel Five (Secrets Beneath Britain), as well as internationally including for ARTE (France & Germany), They have been interviewed a number of times on BBC Radio 4 including the ‘Making History’ show, and provided consultancy for BBC Radio 3. They have also been interviewed in magazines and for newspapers including in the United States, and UK.

Sherwood Forest Group History Walks
Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and legendary Major Oak
(eg. parties of over 20 persons)

Discover the history beneath the trees. Walking tours with expert Archaeologists.
Leave the crowds behind to explore the hidden history and stories of the beautiful
Sherwood Forest Landscape of Legends.

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