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Sherwood Forest Explorer Tours - Private Walking Tours
Exclusive walking tours of Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve & legendary Major Oak

Discover the history beneath the trees. Expert-led walking tours with Archaeologist guides.
Leave the crowds behind to explore the hidden history and stories of the beautiful
Sherwood Forest Landscape of Legends.

-  Sherwood Forest & The Major Oak  -

The Explorers Road Sherwood Forest

Exclusive, private, expert-led guided tours of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and Major Oak

Get off the beaten track and explore the ancients trees and heath land of Robin Hood’s world famous Forest, with expert guides…

Wander in the woods of Sherwood Forest The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, Legendary hideaway of Robin Hood

The Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve is the home of Robin Hood, England’s most famous hero. It, is made up of 375 hectares of ancient woodland and heath land, and is home to hundreds of veteran oak trees,

On this 2 ½ - 3 hour walking tour you will visit:

and hear about:

And much, much more…

So, if you want to escape the crowds and delve deeper into the heart and soul of the forest, ,if you love culture, nature, history, folklore, archaeology, literature, and plant lore, then this tour is for you!

Once you have been on this tour you will never view forests and landscapes the same way again….

Or scroll down for more information about the tour

Or scroll down for more information about the tour

Medieval heathland in Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve

More about the Sherwood Forest Explorer Tour:

The magical landscape of Sherwood Forest changes with the seasons.

From the carpet of forest flowers and yellow gorse blooms in the spring, through the green richness of summer when the forest is bursting with life, to the blooming purple heather of August and September, From the bronze, yellow, red and orange colours of autumn when the woods are alive with fungi, to the quiet stillness of winter, when frost turns the ground hard as iron, the dark nights draw in, and the trees and animals rest quietly, as if waiting for the sun to return.

The Forest is a constantly shifting backdrop of colours and wonder.

No matter when you choose to visit; the forest will always be a magical place.

Despite this constant cycle through the seasons, the forest exudes a sense of timeless grandeur, an ancient permanence, which helps you escape the high-tempo modern world.

So why not relax, unwind, and feel your spirit restored, as you take time to step back into a world of tranquility and beauty.

Step back into a timeless world at the heart of ancient England, and let your guide bring this landscape of legends to life with history, culture, literature and folklore.

Learn all about the plants, and animals who call the forest their home, and about the ancient, twisted, and hollow oak trees, and the invertebrates who dwell inside their ancient trunks. Find out about the importance of this remarkable eco-system, and how it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, Also hear about, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the wildlife that shelters in, and under, these old oak trees’ noble branches.

Learn about the animals who once grazed the forest and how they have shaped the ecology.

Your guide will explain how the landscape has been used and viewed over the ages - from the Bronze Age, through the Roman period, and in Saxon and Viking times. And how these people have grazed their livestock and harvested crops in and around the ancient woodland.

All have left a mark on this ancient Forest,

As you wander through ancient oak trees…..

On this fun and educational tour you will learn all about the history of Sherwood Forest including, tales of medieval outlaws, Kings, hunting, Foresters, monks, and everyday life in the time of Robin Hood.

Learn about how our ancestors shaped the landscape, how they used the landscape, and how people imagined the landscape in the past.

Hear how tales of Robin Hood and even King Arthur, were imagined in Sherwood Forest hundreds of years ago.

You will also hear about the ballads and legends of Robin Hood, how the stories developed over the ages, and their links to the landscape.

Find out how Sherwood Forest inspired some of the greatest Romantic and Modernist writers and poets of the 19th and 20th centuries,  including Lord Byron, Walter Scott, and Washington Irving, and how the Forest shaped the life and works of D.H, Lawrence…

Also hear how their collective writings have shaped how we have viewed this landscape ever since.

Learn about bushcraft, ancient plantlore, folklore, and the ethno-botany of plants, trees and fungi.

So why not come and learn all about this beautiful landscape of legends from the people who know the history better than anyone else.

An Ancient Oak Tree in Sherwood Forest Medusa Oak Sherwood Forest an ancient track way through Sherwood Forest

Also visit archaeological earthworks including the remains of ancient ploughing. Walk along medieval path ways, which people once used to cross the forest, and discover earthen banks, which once encircled these historic woods.

Together these features help to reveal the forest’s past, and tell the story of how the landscape has evolved over time.

They are still there waiting to be found by those how know where to look…

What better way to understand the landscapes than from the experts themselves.

On this tour you will be guided by the actual archaeologists who are undertaking the surveys of these woodlands,

You will learn first-hand from these experts who are recording and interpreting this landscape to this very day.


For more information about tours, and to request booking information and prices please email at:


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Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

About your tour guides:

Your guide for the Sherwood Explorer Tour will be expert historians and archaeologists from local Sherwood Forest research company Mercian Archaeological Services CIC.

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC run the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project a long-term research project in the heart of the world famous Forest..

Andy Gaunt Cultural Heritage Sherwood Forest Tours

Experienced tourist guides and heritage tourism practitioners, they are the leading experts on the archaeology and history of Sherwood Forest and are renowned for their unrivalled knowledge of the landscape, history, archaeology and heritage of the Sherwood Forest landscape.

They regularly talks and present on archaeology to groups and at conferences, and are passionate about teaching and education.

Mercian’s archaeologists have made a number of TV appearances as an expert on Sherwood Forest, including in the UK on the BBC, Channel Four (Walking Through History, and site consultancy for Time Team), and Channel Five (Digging up Britain’s Past), as well as internationally including a number of appearances for ARTE ((France & Germany) giving expert commentary on Walter Scott and D H Lawrence and their relationships to Sherwood Forest). They been interviewed a number of times on BBC Radio 4 including the ‘Making History’ show, and have provided consultancy for BBC Radio 3.

They have also been interviewed in magazines and for newspapers including in the United States, and UK.

Part of the Explorer’s Road.

Sherwood Forest Explorer's Road Tour The Explorers Road Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest Explorer - Private Group Walking Tour of Sherwood Nature Reserve

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Part of the Explorer’s Road

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